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sycamore pass ride

Here are some pics from the ride:

Some day i'll spend some time & figure out the formatting for posting on this blog! Kim Sylvies & I rode yesterday. We went from Sedona, past Page springs to 89a. There we got on the dirt & rode up to sycamore pass, looped around & came out by cottonwood. We came back the cornville road.

2 Drz's went on a ride yesterday. Here's the scoop:

Kim on some rugged stuff.

Sunny day, great scenery.

Old stone lineshack.. looks like it was a well house, too.

We were checked out by some of the locals..

The riders..

The ride went up to about 5200'. Great valley views. It got pretty rough as we went up, so we turned around & went along a power line road.. it wasn't much better.

Finally made it to Cottonwood, had a great sandwich, then rode back to Sedona along cornville road & Beaverhead flats.

Here's the route:

We went 83 total miles. High point was 5388', low was 3304. No major mishaps ( i dropped my drz on a steep downhill turn.. in some loose rock. I picked it up & kept going!). It looked like there was a rugged powerline road that climbed the mountain & went north.. it would be going through a wilderness area, though, so i don't know if bikes could go there. I might go there again to see if it has rim access.. if so, a good loop up above oak creek canyon or even jerome could be made there.

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oh, here's a link of the ride posted on tt:

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