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Sheeps Bridge, 2/15/11

Kim, Tom & I met at Bloody Basin Road & I-17 at 9am for a ride in the lower desert.  It was cool in the morning, but warmed up nicely by afternoon.

My pentax 'waterproof' camera drowned in Hawaii last month, so until i get another, all i have is the videos from the Contour.  I think you can still play them in HD, just find the button on the videos to change resolution.

Here's an early part of the ride.. along Bloody Basin Road.  It's about 40 miles to sheeps bridge from our staging point at i-17.

There are some terrific panoramic views along this ride.

Here's the bridge crossing..

The steep section after the bridge.. with my stylish drop at the end.

Tom & Kim came down more uneventfully.. i got a few vid clips, but their engines were off & they crept slowly down the rocky path.  I didn't feel those scenes were compelling enough to include in this fast action thriller.

Dead Man's Creek crossing.. a long boulder filled wash.  Lots of 4x4 activity had flattened down the boulders.. it was much easier than it was for Tom & I last year.

The road to horseshoe dam.. lots of tall saguaro lining the road, clear & warm weather to ride in.

I've got a couple more to upload.. the dam crossing & the last climb out.  The roughest parts of the ride were done later, along a powerline from New River up to Table Mesa Road.  Unfortunately, my camera was put away by then..

You're never sure what this ride will hold.. the spot after the bridge is tricky, & the wide wash changes after the spring snow melt & major rains.  But right now, it's fairly easy.

Here is the gps loop we took.  We had a few miles on the slab.. between table mesa & black canyon city we were on the freeway.  It was about 130 miles total.. a great day for a ride in the lower desert!


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