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7/30/08 ride from St George, Ut.

I finally got some pics up in photobucket, so will post 'my version' of the st. george ride

Tom & I rode up, trailering the bikes to St. George & met Tim, who had procured the accomodations.

Our bikes, still in Az.

The Riders..

scotty, tom, & tim

We got settled & readied for the next days adventure.. a ride up near Bryce canyon. We left in the morning, & drove through zion nat. park.

Tim's truck loaded with his honda.

thre were some cool tunnels we drove through.. some were almost a mile long.

Tom had told me what a great guy Tim is.. he was right! Tim is a california surfer dude, with an easy going attitude.. he's also another ex racer, & a good rider. Both guys were a lot of fun to be around.

Tom took every opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside.. actually, i think he was looking for restroom facilities..

Still in Zion natl. park.

We stopped at a restaurant(Ruby's Inn) for breakfast near the entrance of bryce canyon, left the trucks, & rode off into the wild. There were trails all over the area. We even came upon part of the great western trail.

We rode to the casto trail, which was part of an orv trail system. I got some helmet cam vids of this part, & will get it up when i can.

We got up out of the canyon & ran into about 30 guys riding in a group.. mostly on ktm's, but a few other models sprinkled in. I think Tom got a pic or 2 of them. It also flattened up & we got some higher vistas.

We crossed back over the road, & started heading back to Ruby's inn. We got back on the great western trail for part of this..

These guys were fired up & running along the fence.. they didn't seem to notice us.

We got back to the vehicles, loaded up & headed back to the rooms.

Of course, we took the scenic route back through Zion.

The first days ride was nearly 200 miles on bike, & about 5-6 hrs trucking to the staging area. But even the long drive was very scenic.

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