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Yellowstone 8/24/08

When i got up, i was glad to see all my clothes were dry. It was a little chilly in the morning, so i did layer up. I also had on both rain jacket & pants. I was pretty hungry, with the sparse eating the day before, so wanted to get going & head back to Gardiner & Yellowstone.

Here was some stuff i didn't use on this trip.

gorilla pod (camera tripod).. i use this a lot when taking pics, but hadn't used it on this trip, yet.

Battery charger, 12v adapter, 120v adapter. Only 3 days.. helmet cam & shaver were still on the full charged batts i started with.

Xena disk lock & alarm. The bike stayed near.. had i stayed in a motel, i might have used it.

Later on i'll summarize what i took, what worked, what i'd take again, etc, for anyone who might be interested.

I didn't take a lot of pics, but did try out the helmet cam again for the ride out.

I asked at the gas station where a good place for breakfast, & without hesitation they said, 'Town Cafe'. That is where i had stopped looking for a room, so i went there & had a big breakfast of bisquits & gravy!

I decided to go all the way back to Ogden in one day. It was Sunday, & I had work to do the next day, so i hit the road.

Going back through Yellowstone, there were still lots of thermal areas.. this day i would see a lot of them. I was going through the geyser spots.

Some of the mountains were just steam vent outlets.

Of course, following the river, there were rapids & waterfalls.

There weren't a lot of bicyclists, but some. This guy was really loaded down. He was carrying a lot more than me, & having to move it without a motor.

Every so often, I'd run into some buffalo crossing the road. Everyone stopped & took pictures.. they don't seem to mind all the paparazzi.. my engine was off, waiting for traffic to clear, & this guy strolled by.. i could have reached out & patted him on the head, but it didn't seem like a good idea.

I was getting thick into the thermal areas.. this spot had lots of pools, pots, & a few small geysers.

Most tourists, if you ask them to take your picture, will put you right in front of whatever scenic spot you want in the pic.. A lady offered to take my pic, & i could see some nice camera gear, & she looked like she was framing it well. She didn't speak english, but got a good shot.. Thanks!

Here's a short video clip of a little geyser.

I got to old faithful & decided to catch it on video. This was the Main Event in Yellowstone. Everyone was there, lots of different languages spoken.. motorcyles & rv's coming & going.

I chatted a bit with this bmw guy..he was from ca. & was doing a tour with a bmw group. It looked much more comfortable than my ride, and he brought all his possessions with him. I think i still like the drz for this kind of trip. I could go anywhere he could, but he couldn't go anywhere i could.

Here's a 1 minute clip of the old faithful eruption. I took it with the helmet cam, holding it in my hand.. so neither the video or audio are very good. Other than that, it's a fine clip.

The full eruption lasted almost 4 minutes. This was the most crowded place in Yellowstone. I did get another ice cream in the store, though..

Time was moving along, & i had a long way to go. I didn't make any more stops in Yellowstone, but started getting tired in the Tetons, so stopped & took a side trail into the woods for a short rest.

Even just a 10 minute break rejuvenates you a lot. I continued & finally stopped in Jackson for fuel & food.. just a fast stop this time.

I wanted to take a picture of this when i came through earlier, but there was too much traffic. It was Sunday, so the traffic was minimal.

It's billed as the largest elk antler arch in the world.. who was i to argue with that? There were some in Jackson, too, but not as big.

It was a good ride back along the snake river, bear lake, & back into utah. I decided to take a different route back from bear lake, since it was nearly dark. I went down Logan Canyon.. another very scenic ride.

It was past 10 when i got into Ogden.. it was pretty chilly going down Logan canyon.. & there were a lot of slow cars out for a sunday night ride, i guess. This was about a 350 mile day.. a long time to sit in the saddle.. but i was back & had a fun ride. I'd be working again the rest of the week, & heading back to Az on Labor day weekend.

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