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8/01/08 Utah

Here’s the description & pics of my 8/08 ride into Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, & Montana. It was over 2k miles & took all of august.. though I did have a ‘break’ at my daughter’s in Ogden, ut.

I left St. George, ut on 8/1/08, after riding with Tom & Tim for a couple of days. I planned to take the scenic route on the way up to ogden.

Here’s my ride: ’06 drz400, loaded for a month long adventure.

I rode through Zion National park on my way up to Escalante, my planned stop for the night. Zion is a very scenic park, & an early ride through it gets some nice light & not as much traffic.

When I got out of Zion, I took a dirt road north. It was much less traffic, a more interesting ride, & better views as I made my way to Bryce national park.

This road went up over 9k ft. There were a few small water crossings, some great panoramic vistas, & winding roads climbing up & down the mountains.

It’s a commonly known fact that motorcycle riders have a death wish. So when I found some cool water running out if a pipe on the side of the road, I filled my water bottle & drank my fill.

This mountain lake was at 9k ft. The weather was cool, but fine for riding.

I took a couple of scenic side roads along the way..

I eventually got back on pavement, & took the road to Bryce.

I don’t think these were tourists..

Bryce canyon is an awesome place.. very panoramic, unusual rock formations.. you can see for days.

There were scenic views & overlooks everywhere.. I stopped for lunch at one & took a break.

There were Harley guys & cruisers everywhere. They were all pretty friendly.. almost everyone waved. English was rarely heard at the overlooks. ..Lots of international vacationers..

I took hundreds of pictures.. I got there in midday, & it was clear. Bryce canyon is very photogenic.

The hard thing was taking off my helmet, gloves, goggles, jacket, etc, at every stop. I finally decided to join the Harley guys & live free or die.

All I needed now was a tattoo, & ditch the dirt bike..

The rocks & views seemed endless. Every overlook & stop had tremendous views.

There were a few locals around.. I saw deer, eagles, antelope, vicious chipmunks, & lots of pretty birds. Hardcore bikers like me don’t bother with them, we just like to bite the heads off them if we catch them.

I finally left Bryce, since it was getting late, & made my way to Escalante, my stop for the night. I had brought camping gear, but found this little cabin for $40, so decided to stay there. It was also right next door to pizza! I had some polygamy porters, a small pizza that I couldn’t finish, & slept like a baby.

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