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8/08 Utah, Inspiration point

My Daughter works as an engineer for a german company in the biomed industry. She's a biomed engineer, & her boss is also a dual sport rider. When he heard of my coming up, he wanted to take us on a ride. Mary unlocked the ball & chain that kept me in the basement, & we all took off work a little early for a great ride!

We rode up north from Ogden, past willard bay & took the road that goes up logan canyon. We turned off at a reservoir, & went to dirt to the top.

The road was pretty rugged as we climbed higher.. lots of switchbacks, rocks, & ruts. The views along the mountains were fantastic! The hills rolled & there was almost always water reflecting from a distance.

Mary coming 'round the mountain, with her boss bringing up the rear.

We saw a few local residents.. a few deer crossed our path, & a distant mountain goat. We checked for moose at a pond where they congregate, but they must have been at the elk meeting.

..smart, adventurous, frugal, & good looking... i don't know where she gets if from.. ;)

The bikes:

3, count them... 3 drz's & a lonely tw.

I think this was called inspiration point.. you could see the entire salt lake valley

The riders: Marv, Scott, Mary, & Scott

Scott had some mechanical problems with his drz on the way.. both his seat bolts had vibrated off, & his seat was loose! He discovered this halfway up the mountain, but he managed to keep the seat down the rest of the way. He's a good rider.. he managed all the turns, rocks & ruts with ease & at speed.

Marv is a great guy that Mary always speaks highly of.. He was intrigued by my big knobbies on my tflex, & Mary said he was going to order a new rear tire with big knobs. He's soft spoken, & probably knows how to use a slide rule. A real gentleman.. it was a pleasure to ride with both of them.

It was well past dark when Mary reconnected the chain..

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