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8/2/08 Utah, Escalante to Ogden

The next day i started early. I was still full from the pizza the night before, so just hit the road. I left Escalante & went right up the road to Hell's backbone. It was a Saturday, & i expected lots of traffic on this scenic dirt road. I was surprised to not see anyone for about 3 hours. I planned to ride up to capitol reef park, then continue to Ogden by evening.

The road was very washboarded, but wide & easy. I climbed up & down, & winded around the mountains.

Finally i found what i had been searching for.. Death Access!! & it was just ahead!

I must be getting closer.. hell's backbone was in sight.

They had built a little bridge over an opening & paved it. The road followed a ridge with steep dropoffs on either side.

I had been riding for a few hours, so took a brunch break..

When i got over hell's backbone, the road improved, & eventually became paved again. I went up hwy 12 toward Torrey & the entrance to capitol reef nat. park. But early on hwy 12, i noticed my front end was unsteady.. my front was flat! I posted about my flat adventure HERE

My ride into capitol reef was very scenic. There were very few people driving through. The roads were narrow with several side dirt roads. I took many of those, but didn't take many still photos. I did employ the helmet cam, though, & when i get the vids reduced & on utube, i'll post a link to them. I think i still prefer stills for a 'travelblog', but a video clip now & then are ok.

My ride up to ogden is described in gruesome detail in the flat tire thread above. But i did make it, got a new tire, & lived to ride again.

The next week or so i took a break & helped my daughter remodel her basement.. we decided to tear everything out that was in there, flip the stairs, & generally make it into a much bigger project. I had a few 12-14 hr days, & worked a lot more than any old person who should've been out riding!

More coming.. too much work to do for now..

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