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8/08 Utah, Bear Lake

After working me nonstop for about a week, Mary felt sorry for me & took me out for a ride. We were heading up to Bear Lake, at the Idaho border.

The riders: Mary on a yamaha tw, Taylor on a 300klx, me on the drz.

We rode up Ogden canyon, then past pineview reservoir. It was a sunday, so there was a bit of traffic until we hit the dirt.

We rode back dirt roads almost all the way up to bear lake.

Taylor is an excellent rider. He's a champion open mountain bike racer, & can twist the throttle pretty good, too! Mary rides easy, but does fine on the TW. She's also a top mountain bike racer. She & Taylor both won the regional series this year in A class riding.

There was a lot of variety on this trail.. some rutted out roads, some rocky, some mud.

We stopped at Ephraim's grave.. he was a big ol' bear that was shot a hundred years ago.

We climbed to over 9k ft.. bear lake is about 6k.

A beautiful vista above bear lake..

After a long ride, we were getting hungry & went into town. It was sunday, so there weren't many places open, & everyone who had come to bear lake for summer vacation was there in line.

We had to wait about an hour for a hamburger! It was good, though, but it was also getting late so we headed back. Taylor wanted to go back on the dirt, but Mary preferred to ride over the pass on pavement. I followed the Daughter, & we rode back.. climbing to nearly 10k ft, & getting some chilly evening air with it. It was dark when we got home, & Taylor had beat us!

It was a fun ride & a nice break from the basement.. but fun time is over. Back to work!

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